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We are committed to finding a solution for all our clients. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll provide a free no-obligation quote!


Expat Support

Save time, avoid the language barrier
Help when and where you need it

What you will achieve with LLS

Free up time and energy by offloading expat admin tasks

Connect with local service providers to settle in more quickly and easily

Get expert French-speaking support when you need it

Overwhelmed by expat admin?

Have you landed in Switzerland and realised you have lots of forms to complete and administrative processes to follow? Are you struggling to find the service providers you need due to lack of local knowledge or unfamiliarity with the French language? Tasks like these can delay you and your family settling into your new life in Switzerland and leave you worried about unresolved errands.


How we help you

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate administration in a foreign country while lacking the time, energy, understanding and language skills to get them taken care of quickly and efficiently. We take the pressure off you with dedicated French-speaking help who knows the best way to get tasks done - whether you need a friendly face to deal with interpretation, accommodation, and opening a business, or an organised brain to take on document translation, communication with schools, introductions to service providers, and more.

Our Director Lara takes the lead on expat support, having had 10 years of experience working for non-profit organisations in Geneva. Lara excels at assisting expats with a variety of admin processes, navigating the Swiss system with ease to help expats integrate more easily and feel at home in sunny, snowy Switzerland.

We can support you with:

Interpretation: at public office meetings, weddings, unemployment

Landlords and accommodation: moving in and moving out inspection visits, dealing with property issues

Communication with schools: writing to schools to address logistical or academic issues

Opening a business: admin processes such as AVS (pensions), tax, insurance, accountants

Document translation: financial and legal documents to and from French

Finding service providers: our Meet the Swiss initiative can connect you to reputable tradespeople

Dog-sitting: animal-lovers Lara and her colleague Lloyd provide dog-sitting at their homes in Aubonne and Ségny, where the dogs can enjoy a weekend or a few days of running on the beach and walking in the beautiful natural landscape of the Arboretum and countryside area in Gex.

Anything else you need help with? Just ask and we’ll see what we can do

Your Swiss problem solver Lara will

Save your time - by providing the local knowledge and language support you need

Save your money - by ensuring you deal with trusted local services and businesses

Save your sanity – by guiding you through the processes and procedures on your expat journey

Sanity-saving support, dedicated to you

LLS is dedicated to helping new expats integrate into Swiss life, affordably and efficiently. Many of our team have been in that position themselves, and we know that the quicker you get settled, the quicker you can start learning the language and becoming part of the local community.

Learning the language can definitely help give you the best expat experience in Switzerland, and we can also support you with passing the FIDE (a French qualification needed to renew residence/work permits, to access C permits and apply for nationality.)


Recommendations for expat support

— Adam Tony Kennedy-Ripon

"As an expat and a non-French speaker, I was faced with the hurdle of navigating the administration process in English. I was in a desperate search for a French/English translator that would visit a public office with me, as I was informed the evening before that I would need to bring a translator. Luckily, Lara went well beyond the translation and genuinely understood the sensitivity of the situation and supported me every step of the way. She turned an uncomfortable situation into a positive experience and has helped me tremendously. She is a positive, compassionate and friendly individual."

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