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Copy-editing, copy that's clear and word-perfect. We polish you're existing copy with purposeful edits


Copy that’s clear and word-perfect
We polish your existing copy with purposeful edits to ensure your message is meaningful and easy to understand

What you achieve with LLS

Ensure your copy is easy to understand, accessible

and jargon-free

Eliminate embarrassing errors from quick writing or poor translations

Enhance your reputation with clear and consistent copy

Is your content confusing your audience?

Losing clients through lack of clarity, in not only what you’re saying but how you’re saying it, causes untold damage to your brand. If your campaigns or social posts are lacking engagement, your content could be confusing your audience. Ambiguous and inconsistent copy makes a poor first impression and leaves your potential customers questioning your professionalism and attention to detail. 

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How we help

At LLS, we understand how important it is to ensure that your customers spend less time trying to decipher your copy and more time acting on it! We’re a fresh pair of eyes and our talented team of editors bring more definition to the structure of your writing, as well as identify and correct inconsistencies, confusion and oversights. This elevates your copy to its full potential, ensuring that it’s simple to understand and resonates. Your audience will have all the clarity they need to get on board with your messaging.

Our team of talented copy-editors will

Ensure your message is clear, with consistent structure, spelling and grammar

Edit in the language, style and tone best suited to your target audience

Clarify industry acronyms or jargon to make your copy meaningful 

Talk to us about our multilingual copy-editing services from just 99 CHF per hour.

Copy-editing and proofreading by certified and experienced copy-editors




Copy-editing (incl. proofreading)


Hourly rate

CHF 99

CHF 109

No additional charge for last-minute orders.

Precision for your peace of mind

Here at LLS, we’re ruthless with sneaky spelling errors, poor grammar and confusing sentence structure! We understand mistakes can creep in when you’re struggling with the best way to phrase your concepts and ideas. Our multilingual copy-editors ensure your message is adapted to suit the language of your audience. Even if you’re using industry terminology, idioms or slang, you’ll have polished copy that you’re proud of and that engages your audience.

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