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Copy-Editing and Proofreading

How can we help you with copy-editing and proofreading?

Whether you need high-level help with structure, clarity and flow or detailed correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation, we make sure your message is clear for your readers.  Your written communication may be your first contact with potential customers, suppliers, employers, publishers or examiners, so you’ll want to make sure your copy is first class.

Leman Language Services can edit your copy to British or American English standards. We can help with editing business copy, such as web content, proposals, reports, white papers, newsletters, blog posts, brochures and leaflets as well as professional or personal copy, such as CVs and cover letters, fiction and non-fiction writing, academic essays and journal articles.

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We carry out the following copy-editing processes depending on your instructions or the level of editing your copy needs:

✔ Revise confusing organisation or logic

✔ Rewrite convoluted or wordy sentences and remove repetition

✔ Correct errors in grammar, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, hyphenation and abbreviation

✔ Correct inconsistency in tenses  

✔ Check language, style and tone are suited to your target audience

✔ Recommend the active voice over the passive voice

✔ Recommend sub-headings and short paragraphs for digital copy

✔ Highlight obvious incorrect or inconsistent facts (we do not research or verify facts)

✔ Highlight any terms that need clarification for the reader

✔ Highlight inconsistent or missing numbering and references

We make sure your business writing reflects your brand and voice, delivering your message in a clear, concise and persuasive way. We can follow your house style guide or edit to the Chicago Manual of Style or New Oxford Style Manual guidelines.


Proofreading is the last stage in the editing process and is carried out after your copy has been professionally copy-edited and after the designer or typesetter has prepared the digital or print layout. When we carry out copy-editing for you, we include a proofread. We make a final check for referencing errors as well as any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors that may have been missed.  

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Whatever your copy-editing or proofreading needs, you’re in good hands at Leman Language Services. We take pride in our unique and highly flexible customer-focused service, working with you from initial discussion to project completion to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our dedication to your business is an investment in ours.

Leman Language Services is committed to supporting you. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation and quote or to find out more about our first-rate copy-editing and proofreading services.  

Our copy-editing and proofreading rates below are for standard texts. We charge a higher hourly rate for the following:

✔ Text that has been poorly translated—we can translate your text and provide copy-editing!

✔ Text that requires substantial editing or rewriting

✔ Academic text that involves checking and editing reference lists and citations, and multiple figures and tables   

Copy-editing and proofreading by certified and experienced copy-editors

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Copy-editing (incl. proofreading)

Hourly rate

CHF 89

CHF 99

No additional charge for last-minute orders.

We are committed to finding a solution for all our clients. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll provide a free no-obligation consultation and quote!

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