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Students learing French in a group, you get dedicated support to improve your French

French Training

Dedicated support to improve your French
Small groups or 1-to-1 focus with an expert LLS trainer

What you will achieve with LLS

Learn with a dedicated

language guide

Personal attention with

1-to-1 coaching 

Group practice in small

friendly sessions


NEW! French Training for Ex-Pats in Switzerland

You’ve made the move to Switzerland and are settling into Swiss life. But as a non-native French speaker, you (or your family) may be struggling with some aspects of integrating into your new home. 

Our Ex-Pat French Training modules are tailored to help those new to Switzerland get the best out of their day-to-day communications – which will ensure they get the best out of their time en Suisse!


Our modules cover: discovering Switzerland and its culture, communicating with your child’s school and caretakers, managing everyday tasks and errands, speaking with your neighbours and local community, and discussing your work and career prospects.

You can pick and choose the Swiss-French subjects in your daily life that need a boost. Each module is 380 CHF (private), 228 CHF (semi-private), 120 CHF (group of 4 participants max!), and start dates are flexible. Contact us to get started!

Expats French Training Modules

Learn French for Swiss citizenship or work and residence  permit 

Being able to communicate in a local language is key to migrants becoming involved in their local community.

You may know that new provisions on language requirements for work and residence permits came into force in Switzerland with the revision of the Swiss Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA) in January 2019. Brochure on Swiss permit language requirements (Canton of Geneva, January 2020), available only in French.

For the French-speaking part of Switzerland, you may need to meet the following standards to retain or apply for a permit:

B-permit (residence) applicants require, at a minimum, A1 level in oral French language

C-permit (settlement) applicants require, at a minimum, A2 level in oral French language and A1 level in written language

Learn French for Swiss citizenship or work and residence permit
Get your Swiss French language passport

You will need proof of your language competency by passing a recognised language certificate such as FIDE (see the Swiss Language Passport information sheet in French) or DELF, or C9FB certificates for Geneva residents.

Here are examples of the DELF A1 test and A2 test  and FIDE test to give you an idea of what is expected.

If you cannot attend French lessons on a regular basis, Leman Language Services offers a flexible blended learning solution. So, if you’re a busy executive or your job involves travel, we can create a programme that fits around your work schedule.

Being held back by your lack of proficiency in French?

Whether you’re an organisation looking to provide French language training for ex-pat employees or an individual needing to meet the new foreign national integration requirements, you need at least a minimal proficiency in French. Non-native speakers in Switzerland may feel that everything, including daily interactions, new friendships and career prospects are being limited by a lack of fluency in French. 

Being held back by your lack of proficiency in French?
we understand that everyone learns differentyl

How we help

Our team of certified French trainers are native speakers with extensive experience teaching students with a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. We understand that everyone learns differently, so with courses tailored to your needs, your pace and your learning style, we focus on giving you the confidence and competence to lead your own language journey.

With our French training courses, you can:

Achieve Swiss permit language requirements, including FIDE, DELF, or C9FB certificates for Geneva residents

Improve your pronunciation and reduce your native accent through active participation in a supportive environment

Make progress in exclusive one-on-one courses or in a small group setting while working towards personal or professional goals

Our French training programme is available from 99 CHF per 1 hour (for individual classes).

Our private individual and corporate rate tables below give an overview, but if you need a tailored solution or have any questions, please get in touch!

French training rates





Group (3+)


60 min

CHF 119

CHF 79

CHF 200 per group


90 min

CHF 159

CHF 99

CHF 250 per group

Registration fee: CHF 40
Travel fee: CHF 10

Support materials (including two course books): CHF 95

Corporate rates include needs analysis, a free French placement test, and two progress reports per year.

Open doors with LLS

We empower you to enjoy a richer experience living and working in Switzerland, with professional language learning that will get you to your goals quickly. Whatever your language abilities, LLS will help you communicate with confidence in your local community and integrate comfortably into Swiss daily life. With person-centred teaching, LLS integrates online and on-site sessions to thoroughly address your language challenges and guide you to a greater level of proficiency in French.

Enjoy a richer experience living and working in Switzerland, learn French
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