English Training

Would you like to feel more confident speaking English in your workplace or social environment?

Our experienced English trainers at Leman Language Services can help you improve your English in the business workplace or in general. Whether you are a company wanting to help your employees improve their English skills or an individual who would like general English training or preparation for Cambridge English exams, we will work with you to create a training programme. 

English training experienced english tra

Business English Training

Are your English language skills falling behind your business skills? Would you like to feel more confident in your working environment? If you work in a company, is your team’s performance affected by their English skills? Leman Language Services business English training can improve competence and confidence in the workplace. Our business training is tailor-made for individuals or groups.

✔ Boost your confidence using role play to speak English in a supportive learning environment

✔ Receive guidance and corrections to help you achieve accurate writing and clear pronunciation for effective           written and oral communication

✔ Benefit from the group dynamics of developing your skills as a team within your own company—“all for one             and one for all” as they say!

✔ Save on hassle and travel time to training venues with courses held at your premises

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Are you a professional looking to improve your career prospects in Switzerland?

Invest in your career by taking a Cambridge English examination and get noticed by world-renowned companies in Switzerland. We cover KET, PET, FCE, CAE and BEC examinations.

Are you a student needing to improve your English skills to apply for further study?

If you are a student who needs a C1 qualification (CAE, IELTS) to apply to a Swiss or International Master’s programme, we can help you too!

Leman Language Services Cambridge English exam trainers can teach English to beginners or improve your existing skills whatever your level. With our flexible schedule and tailor-made courses, we work with you to attain your career goals.  

Get in touch to speak to one of our trainers who can assess your language needs and career goals.

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Do you need more specific business English coaching for executives?

For English training related to specific business sectors and executive tasks, get in touch to ask about our specialised Executive Business English Coaching workshops and courses.  

General English Training

Leman Language Services

Do you find your English skills let you down? You know what you want to say but you take too long to find the right words, or you can’t fully express yourself. Would you like to feel more confident speaking English in general situations?

Whatever your level or goals, Leman Language Services will help you:  

✔ Build confidence through active participation in a supportive learning environment

✔ Make progress in exclusive one-on-one courses or in a small group setting

✔ Improve your English pronunciation and reduce your native language accent 

✔ Focus on conversation, writing, and general or specific language

✔ Work towards official exams or personal or professional goals

✔ Meet other students at our after-work and evening workshops

How can learning English help you?

Speaking fluent English allows you to:

✔ Access career opportunities with international companies

✔ Communicate with colleagues in multinational companies

✔ Study abroad at international universities or business schools

✔ Communicate with new friends who speak English

✔ Take on the challenge to train your brain—it’s never too late to learn a new language!

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Our English training courses are taught by certified English trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in training people at different English levels and from all walks of life.

Our courses are tailored to your needs, pace and learning style! At Leman Language Services, we understand that everyone learns differently, so we don’t have one methodology. Instead, we focus on making you autonomous in your language learning experience. Whether your objective is professional or personal, we will accompany you all the way. 


You’re in good hands at Leman Language ServicesWe put you first with our personalised and flexible customer-focused service, working with you from initial discussion to project completion to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our dedication to your business is an investment in ours.

Leman Language Services is committed to supporting you. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation and quote or to find out more about our first-rate English training and language services.

Our English training rates below will give you an idea of the cost of your training. We are committed to finding a solution for all our clients.

English training (individual rates)

Leman Language Services



Group (3+)

60 min

CHF 95

CHF 57

CHF 47

90 min

CHF 135

CHF 77

CHF 57

Registration fee: CHF 20
Travel fee: CHF 10

Cambridge placement test: CHF 10
Support materials (including two course books): CHF 95

English training (corporate rates)

English Training Course Corporate rates.



Group (3+)

60 min

CHF 119

CHF 77

CHF 139 per group

English Training 90 min Corporate rate.j
90 min

CHF 159

CHF 97

CHF 169 per group

Registration fee: CHF 40
Travel fee: CHF 10

Support materials (including two course books): CHF 95

Corporate rates include needs analysis, two Cambridge online placement tests, and two progress reports per year.

English Training Coproate Rates Registra

Cambridge English Examinations for Teenagers

Leman Language Services

English is a global language, which is why teenagers are choosing to learn English alongside other school subjects. 

Our qualified English trainers are experienced in helping teens prepare for the following Cambridge English examinations:

✔ A2 Key English Test for Schools (KET)

This qualification shows you can use English to communicate in simple situations using reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

 B1 Preliminary English Test for Schools (PET)

This qualification shows you now have practical language skills for everyday use.

✔ B2 First Certificate in English for Schools (FCE)

This qualification shows you have the language skills to live and work in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English.

✔ C1 Advanced Certificate in Advanced English for Schools (CAE)

This qualification is accepted as proof by educational institutions, organisations and businesses worldwide that you have high attainment in English that will help you make the most of living, studying or working in English-speaking countries.

What are the benefits of a Cambridge English qualification?

✔ Level-based exams provide realistic goals to keep students interested and motivated  

✔ Each exam focuses on learning English and developing practical skills for the real world  

✔ Students improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills and have recognised proof of their attainment level

✔ Cambridge English qualifications are a mark of English language excellence trusted worldwide by further and higher education centres, businesses and authorities

Get in touch to speak to one of our English trainers about helping your teenager prepare for a Cambridge English exam.

Cambridge examination English training rates (teenagers)

English Training Course.jpg



Group (3 people)

Group (4 people)

english training cambridge 60 mins.jpg
60 min (per person)

CHF 79

CHF 57

CHF 35

CHF 30

Group (4 people)

Registration fee: CHF 20
Support materials (including two course books): CHF 95

English Training Registration Fee.jpg