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English training, personal support to improve your English skills

English Training

Personal support to improve your English skills
Small groups or 1-to-1 focus with an expert LLS trainer

What you will achieve with LLS

Learn with a dedicated

language guide

Personal attention with

1-to-1 coaching 

Group practice in small

friendly sessions

Being held back by your lack of proficiency in English?

English is an international language, yet it’s one of the hardest to speak and write well. If you feel your English skills are letting you down, it can be a real blow to your confidence in daily life. You know what you want to say but you take too long to find the right words, or you can’t fully express yourself and struggle under pressure. If you feel your English communication is affecting your ability to succeed, you need to improve your English proficiency.

Being held back by your lack of proficiency in English?
everyone learns English differently

How we help

Our team of certified English trainers are native speakers with over 10 years’ experience teaching students who have a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. We understand that everyone learns differently, so with courses tailored to your needs, your pace and your learning style, we focus on giving you the confidence and competence to lead your own language journey. 

With our English training courses, you can:

Achieve Cambridge English qualifications to boost your study or career prospects – we cover KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC and IELTS examinations

Boost your confidence in a supportive learning environment, with role play, guidance and corrections for accurate written and oral communication

Benefit from the encouragement and solidarity of growing your skills in a group or team

Our English training programme is available from 49 CHF per 1 hour.

Our private individual and corporate rate tables below give an overview, but if you need a tailored solution or have any questions, please get in touch!

English training rates





Group (3+)


60 min

CHF 119

CHF 79

CHF 200 per group


90 min

CHF 159

CHF 99

CHF 250 per group

Registration fee: CHF 40
Travel fee: CHF 10

Support materials (including two course books): CHF 95

Corporate rates include needs analysis, two Cambridge online placement tests, and two progress reports per year.

Looking for 110% confidence in business conversation?

You may benefit more from our Executive Business English Coaching, which focuses on functional industry language, as well as self-assured and accurate communication in a business context. 

Teenagers, stand out during your study with Cambridge English

In our connected global world, more and more students are choosing to learn English alongside other school subjects. Our qualified trainers can help you prepare for your Cambridge English exam and guide you in developing practical skills for the real world.  Students improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills and have recognised proof of their abilities, via level-based exams with realistic goals that keep students motivated.


We can help your teenager get ready for their Cambridge English exam for 79 CHF per hour (for individual classes). Our rates are listed below, but please get in touch to discuss exactly how we can support you.

Teenagers, stand out dduring your study with Cambridge English

At LLS, we are driven by opening doors for others with the power of communication. Speaking fluent English allows you to access career opportunities with international companies, study abroad at international universities or business schools and communicate with new friends or colleagues. Our specialist English trainers encourage you to achieve your goals, train your brain to develop your capabilities and set yourself on the path to new opportunities.


See you there!

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