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Copy that converts
Stand out among a sea of words with eye-catching and thought-provoking messaging

What you will achieve with LLS

Present yourself with a consistent brand voice and articulate messaging

Establish your business as a knowledgeable voice in your industry sector

Bring value with emotive copy that connects and delivers results

Is your copy not getting the results you need?

Your marketing copy isn’t bringing in the results you need, and it can be discouraging to have your ad campaigns, newsletters, blogs or social media posts getting little to no engagement. It’s disheartening to create content when there’s no return on investment, so it’s time to flip the script.


How we help

At LLS we appreciate that it sometimes seems impossible to create copy that’s on message, exciting AND turns your audience into avid brand supporters. We’ve done just that for a variety of clients in English, French, Italian and German from finance to pharmaceutical, crafting meaningful communications that get you fans, followers and - most importantly – clients.

Our team of talented copywriters will

Create lively and engaging copy in your required language

Achieve results with relevant marketing messaging  

Keep your tone of voice and messaging consistent throughout 

Talk to us about our multilingual copywriting services (with proofreading included) from just 119 CHF per hour.

Copywriting by selected copywriters and journalists






Hourly rate

minimum CHF 119


No additional charge for last-minute orders.

We offer a rate reduction of 30% to NGOs and other non-profit organisations.

Part of your team, shaping your brand

Whether you need interesting blog articles, a social media content facelift or targeted website copy, we can help. Our skilled writers also craft engaging copy for printed collateral, such as educational brochures, promotional leaflets or advertising. Appealing to the native-speakers’ culture, understanding and outlook, our copywriters use the vital skill of embedding concepts and ideas into the target language while keeping the spirit of your original writing. 

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