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Translate the world - French, English, German and more languages

Business Document Translation

When precision matters
Accurate document copy translation services with pin-point accuracy


Guten Morgen

Good morning

Buon giorno

More languages can be translated for you, just ask and we will give you a free quote

What you will achieve with LLS

Have confidence that your corporate documents convey vital information precisely

Secure a reputation with staff and stakeholders built on clarity, trust and diversity

Ensure that legal and industry terms are correctly understood by all in multiple languages

Are your business documents getting lost in translation?

Misunderstandings can damage your reputation when sharing inaccurately translated company, legal or human resources documents such as terms and conditions, estimates, policy information, pension information and employment contracts with employees, clients and stakeholders. Ineffective language communications can prevent you from securing business relationships built on mutual understanding and trust - and can even have unpleasant legal ramifications.

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How we help

LLS understands that in order to successfully communicate policies and procedures to today’s stakeholders, it’s essential to have accurate documentation in multiple languages. Our expert translators have a firm grasp on legal, technical and industry terms, ensuring meanings are translated precisely to the destination language. This avoids inconsistencies or uncertainty in your official documents, enabling you to foster multilingual business relationships with transparency and mutual respect.

Our skilled translators offer

Accurate translated documents that capture the precise meaning of the original terms and conditions

Legal phrases, technical terminology and industry jargon translated to preserve their precise meanings

Translations to and from English, French, German and Italian to ensure understanding with all stakeholders


Our translation rates guide below will give you an idea of the cost of your project. We are committed to finding a solution for all our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have a special request. Our minimum charge for translation is CHF 90.




minimum CHF 0.35 per word


Specialist translation
(complex texts)

minimum CHF 0.42 per word

For express deliveries within 24 hours, please add 25%. Rates include unlimited revisions and proofreading by a professional proofreader.

Interpretation service rates provided upon request.

Confidently clear

Our years of expertise in document translation help you grow your business reputation and reach by writing with the precision and definition of a native speaker. Our specialist team will translate your essential corporate documentation to keep your business relationships straightforward and transparent.

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