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Business services overview, multilingual business communication to hlep you build your brand

Marketing Services

Marketing, translation and copywriting
that grow your business

Connect with your audience in their preferred language, using an authoritative brand voice and clear messaging.

Responsive, Accurate and Fast

Multilingual Multiskilled Team

Collaborative Approach

Is your copy failing to connect with your audience and deliver the results you need?

It’s a familiar story: despite your best efforts, your marketing copy is falling flat. It’s completely failing to resonate with your target market.

Effective communication in a multilingual and multicultural landscape can be a minefield. Whether you’re struggling to inject the right tone into your copy, to find the right words, or to translate those words effectively into another language, boring or confusing copy that fails to touch the hearts and minds of your audience can mean your brand misses the mark – and opportunities.

You know that your marketing communications need an upgrade and your business is crying out for a more global reach, but you’ve got no time to do it and there’s no headspace to delegate it to anyone else on your team. You need support from a copywriting and translation agency that understands the Swiss market, as well as the languages, cultures and nuances of a wider European audience. But who? Read on!


How LLS can help

LLS is a Swiss-based multilingual communications agency. We’re boutique and bold, driven to deliver Swiss quality with a multinational and multi-talented team who work fast, flexibly and collaboratively.

Our native-speaking experts intrinsically understand the culture, idioms, heritage and values of their respective nations, meaning that we don’t just translate word for word, we essentially re-write copy into the target language in a way that captures the spirit and emotion intended in the original writing.

There’s no awkward cultural faux pas or confusing concepts messily patched together. Just smooth, simple, easy-to-understand copy that connects, gets results, boosts your brand and sets a consistent standard.

We support some of the biggest names in the Swiss market from finance to pharmaceuticals, and our expert copywriters and translators have spun words into gold for marketing materials, corporate communications, speeches, white papers, and more.

With many years’ experience of working with businesses like yours, we can help with crafting your tone of voice and distilling your key messages into compelling copy with transformational results.

what we do

How we'll work together

Book a free discovery call

No obligation, just a friendly chat to find out more about each other, and how we could help.

Agree your strategy

We research, analyze and plan your tailored content and messaging, and finalize the plan together.

Take action

We craft your brand stories, convincing your audience to invest and believe in your business – and remember it.

Communication beyond translation

We’re more than your communications and language agency. We’re your unofficial teammates, a dedicated multicultural squad of copywriters, translators, transcreators and executive coaches who aim to empower your organization and brand to communicate more effectively, whatever the language.


How we support your business

These services are designed to free up your time and refine your brand communications.


We’ll help you connect with your target audience by creating engaging content that converts in English, French, German and Italian. Through our clear and collaborative process, we’ll ensure your brand voice has a consistent style and tone, to reinforce your brand authority with thought-leader blog articles and editorials, sales copywriting, email marketing, newsletters and more.

Marketing Translation

Increase your engagement and strengthen your brand appeal with clear and persuasive marketing copy in four languages that hits the right tone, using a native speaker’s voice and tapping into the subtleties of cultural expression. We rewrite your existing copy from the source language to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Business Document Translation

Avoid misunderstandings, confusion or legal tangles with accurate industry terminology and slang, and you’ll get a final check from our native-speaking proofreaders. This avoids inconsistencies or uncertainty in your official documents, enabling you to foster multilingual business relationships with transparency and mutual respect.

Copy-Editing & Proofreading

Happy with your existing text but need a professional’s eye? We’ll polish your copy to improve structure, accuracy, flow and clarity, and we perfect your text with thorough proofreading. You’ll have compelling storytelling that’s concise and accessible, free of errors.

Additional support services

On Request

We’re a rapidly expanding agency, and our amazing team have a variety of hidden (and not-so-hidden) talents! If there’s a particular service that your business would benefit from which you can’t see here, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!

Why choose us?

Responsive, Accurate and Fast

No plan left behind! We treat every project as a priority, whether it’s a 3-sentence spruce-up or an 800-word article on accountancy, to deliver on time. And when you have a question, an idea or need an update, we’re available (almost) 24/7 to talk it through.

Multilingual Multiskilled Team

Whatever your project scope, our flexible and knowledgeable team are ready to take on the task. We offer captivating copywriting, translating, proofreading and language training in English, French, German and Italian, creating a world of possibilities for your growing business.

Collaborative Approach

Our values of ‘people first’, teamwork and shared skills drive how we operate. We deliver excellence by making sure we thoroughly understand your business and your needs, pooling our talents to tailor the best approach and working collaboratively with you to exceed your expectations.

Where we're based

We’re more than your communications and language agency. We’re your unofficial teammates, a dedicated multicultural squad of copywriters, translators, transcreators and executive coaches who aim to empower your organization and brand to communicate more effectively, whatever the language.

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