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The simple way for expats to Meet the Swiss


The simple way for ex-pats to Meet the Swiss

Discover reliable Swiss businesses you can trust

Support and become more involved in your local community

Make the most of your time in Switzerland

You want Swiss service with easy communication

When you moved to Switzerland, you had visions of your daily life running like clockwork.  Unfortunately, things don’t always go that way, and you still need to access reliable service providers to keep home, family and health flowing smoothly.

From essential plumbers, electricians, gardeners and auto mechanics to the best restaurants for a laid-back family meal. It can feel like you’re choosing blindly without any recommendations or guidance. You need the best local service providers who can make everyday living in Switzerland easier, convenient and more enjoyable.

It can be frustrating to have barriers between you and that famous Swiss efficiency that everyone talks about. Not only are you unsure of which businesses can REALLY offer you the service you expect, but language difficulties can result in awkward misunderstandings and errors in communication.

What you really want is a great customer experience from a trustworthy local business, just like you’re used to back at home.


We connect you with trustworthy local businesses

LLS is uniquely placed to provide you with connections to local businesses who can help you. Many of our clients are ex-pats, and we’re committed to helping them integrate into Swiss daily life both lingually and logistically!

With Meet the Swiss, we don’t just send you a list of recommendations and leave you to it. We support you with personal introductions to our vetted service providers, ensuring they understand exactly what you want and you get exactly what you need.

LLS has the in-depth experience of working within different cultures and languages which goes beyond simple translation to expressing the nuance of what you need to native speakers. We’re rooted in Swiss culture - and many of our team members are ex-pats themselves, so we have the practical knowledge and understanding to work happily in both your world and ours.

How to Meet the Swiss

Post and tell us what services you’re looking for

Get personal introductions to reliable local businesses you

can trust

Get a fast and reliable solution to your issues while in Switzerland!

Check out our growing list of services you can connect with:

✔ For home and garden – plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators, gardener landscapers, arborists, cleaners, real estate agents


✔ For cars and bikes – mechanics, garages, bike shops


✔ For health and education - physiotherapists, osteopaths, fitness trainers, opticians, or even vets

✔ For social life – parties, summer activities, restaurants

We’ll connect you to service providers who:

✔ You can communicate with - they’re English speakers (B1 level minimum)

✔ Offer the best services – they’re reliable and local, vetted by us and highly recommended for their quality, attention to detail and customer care

✔ Are all the key recommendations you need - no more wasting time and energy searching in different places

✔ Give you freedom and peace of mind – so you and your family can make the most of your time in Switzerland through easy access to trustworthy suppliers

Enjoy a happy home from home

No more frustration of struggling with who to contact when you need help fixing your home, organising family activities or the essential tasks of daily life. And you can expand your contacts beyond the ex-pat community.

When you Meet the Swiss, you’ll access the dependable services you need – whenever you need them.


Swiss quality on speed dial

As an ex-pat, when you need help with home maintenance, car repair or organising your next social activity, you haven’t yet got the right phone numbers for the people who can make it happen. When you struggle with the language and are lacking the local know-how, how can you tell which supplier is good or bad? It’s frustrating to find yourself choosing a business almost at random and ending up with poor customer service at inflated prices.

This is why we’ve created the Meet the Swiss online community, where you can connect with the best local businesses. With our expertise and knowledge of business across cultures, we use our talents to translate the service quality you’re used to into practical experiences.

Now you can support your new community, feel more immersed in the local landscape and enjoy the best the Swiss can offer. You can relax knowing that whatever the need, from inspiration to emergency, we’ll put you in touch with the people who can help.

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