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Corporate communication, captivate and connect with your audience

Marketing Translation

Captivate and connect
Resonate with your audience in their language, using an authoritative brand voice and decisive messaging.

What you will achieve with LLS

Increase your engagement with persuasive copy

Lead the way with a clear and consistent tone of voice

Connect with ease in English, French, German and Italian

Is your message missing the mark?

Getting your message out there is often viewed as the most important aspect of marketing – but what can be forgotten is the need to share your message in a way that will captivate and connect with your audience, particularly in a diverse multicultural landscape. Your messaging is falling flat and losing engagement because it’s failing to captivate on a cultural level, making it a missed opportunity to win the support of your audience.

you message won't miss the mark with our corporate communication
We help you with corporate communication

How we help

LLS recognises the challenge of standing out in today’s crowded business landscape. Our native-speaking multilingual copywriters and coaches have years of experience crafting brand messaging and tone of voice to deliver powerful and emotive marketing communications, with the added fundamental understanding of culture, nuance and expression that elevates your copy from clinical to compelling. Whether you need to share your message in English, French, Italian or German, we are powered by a global outlook and driven by Swiss quality to make your communication on-point, precise and persuasive.

Our talented team will

Identify your language requirements and your key messages

Work with you to convey your brand messaging in the appropriate tone 

Craft your messaging using relevant touchpoints that resonate with your audience

Talk to us about our brand-building multilingual marketing services from just 119 CHF per hour.

Multilingual finesse meets a multitude of experience

We work with global brands from fashion to finance, shaping brand voices and conceptual messaging that hits the mark in multiple languages. Our multilingual brand and marketing communication experts write copy that touches hearts and minds by working within the context of the audience’s language and culture – all while preserving the essence of the original ideas in the process.

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