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Multilingual, multicultural, multifaceted and multitalented
We enrich your life and your business with language excellence that gives you the edge.


Better communication benefits everyone

We created LLS because we believe communication is everything. As an individual or a business in today’s global economy, you need to build an understanding and rapport with friends, colleagues, partner offices, suppliers and customers around the world, whether in a written or spoken context. When you struggle, miscommunicate or lack confidence in your language abilities, it can feel like doors to opportunities are slamming shut in front of you.


LLS was founded from a desire to do things differently in the training industry, to meet the need for a more personalised, flexible and creative approach to language services. We empower individuals and organisations – both locally and internationally – by strengthening their own voice, or their brand voice, in multiple languages, including French, English, Italian and German. 


Our name, Leman Language Services, is inspired by the view from our co-working space beside the beautiful Lac Leman, a hub of Swiss life that connects multicultural communities and people. We too aim to be a hub: a focal point of meaningful dialogue, of improved interaction and shared experiences - in pursuit of a more united global future.

What we value

We love – and live for – what we do. It’s for this reason that our business is built on 5 key values, and each of these pillars of belief enable us to remain focused on offering the most rewarding and proficient service we can.

We put people first

We nurture your individual approach to learning, supporting you to build on your strengths and overcome any learning barriers to achieve your language goals. We support our team too, so they thrive in their work and continually aim to deliver their best.

We cherish lifelong learning

We believe that learning languages opens doors and opportunities. This is why we inspire you to express yourself and enjoy the fascinating experience of other cultures through language – whether through travel, at work or within your community.

We thrive on teamwork

We share knowledge and skills to find creative solutions. We encourage clients to work together too, learning from each other in an inspiring and enjoyable environment. We know that when we work together, we can achieve remarkable results.

We strive for excellence

We never compromise quality (EVER). We are rewarded (with that feel-good brain buzz!) by helping you to achieve excellence in language skills and business communication, driven by our dedicated team and exceptional expertise.

We support personal development

As a people-focused business with a focus on a positive future, we have a responsibility to nurture our staff by providing resources and training to enable them to access opportunities for learning and fulfilment.

Who we are

To provide the flexible, tailor-made solutions and reliable service that you deserve, we’ve built a dedicated team of specialists from Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom with more than ten years' experience in their fields. Here’s a bit about some of the key people you’ll work with.

Our management team

Lara Epiney Takache - LLS Founding Director

Lara Epiney Takache

Founding Director

A native speaker in English, French and Italian, Lara has lived and studied in the UK and Switzerland, giving her insight into the cultures of both countries. 


A specialist in English and French training as well as executive business English coaching, Lara has ten years’ experience of training professionals in multinational companies. She holds an MA in English, History of Religion, and Political Science from the University of Lausanne. Her language and teaching certifications include the CELTA certificate (University of Cambridge), Executive Business Language Coaching (TLC, Baden) and the Adult Trainer Federal Certificate.



Lara thrives on supporting others to achieve their personal and professional goals. Using her enthusiasm and detective-like problem-solving skills, plus her experiences in multicultural, international and multifaith environments, Lara finds creative solutions to meet any challenge! With extensive experience in providing HR, event management, administration, marketing and communication services for NGOs and the education industry, Lara will manage your projects and put together the best team to deliver what you need - on time and within budget.



When she isn’t living and breathing LLS, Lara enjoys relaxing with her cats, walking by the lake in Montreux and swimming. While tempted to multi-task, for her cats’ sake, she avoids combining all three!


Katie Lloyd

Senior English Trainer and Training Manager

Born and raised in the UK, Katie finally settled in Switzerland in 2015 after living in France, Spain and Germany. She has been teaching English for over 10 years to a wide range of students including primary school children, teenagers, adults preparing to move abroad and even seniors.


Katie holds a Bachelor in French and Spanish and a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which is equivalent to an MA. Katie is also responsible for training staff, collaborating with management on projects and monitoring the quality of language training.


Her top tip for learning a new language is to visit a country where they speak the language you are learning, watch TV or listen to the radio in that language, go to language meetups or find a tandem partner.



Outside of work, Katie loves nature and walking, so she is most likely to be found in a forest or up a mountain! She also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes even though she doubts her abilities. As with languages, practice makes perfect!


Joanie Waelti

IT Manager and French Trainer

Born in Switzerland, Joanie studied English, journalism, communication and media at the University of Neuchâtel. With more than 17 years of experience in the information technology sector, she is IT Manager and Web Developer at Leman Language Services.​


Joanie has overseen communications for many companies, including their social media and digital marketing. She understands multicultural environments and is skilled in making information technology accessible to users in English and French. Joanie is experienced in managing business processes and work methods, implementing ITIL standards, and training employees in IT service management and the use of ITSM tools.


With learning a new language, Joanie maintains that "practice is the best teacher". You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise with Joanie and other students in a friendly class or Zoom language café!



Outside of work, the light of Joanie’s life is her puppy Zorra who cuddles up on the sofa with her to watch Grey's Anatomy. Dogs really are our best friends – although they don’t help much with language practice! 

Our Language Trainers

Our university-educated language trainers and executive business English coaches are certified in adult education. They all have a minimum of five years’ experience in teaching as well as business communication training. We provide our staff with training where needed to help boost their own confidence and expertise, enabling them to deliver their best for you.

Our Communication Specialists, Copywriters and Copy-Editors

Our internationally-focused comms experts specialise in crafting copy with an eye on marketing, content creation and brand tone of voice, ensuring your communications resonate with your audience and make an impact, turning prospects into clients.

Our Translators

Translating into their native language, our qualified translators work to and from English, French, German and Italian. They are specialists in their sectors, which include finance, pharmaceutical, legal, hospitality and luxury retail. 

Our Virtual Assistants

Our Swiss-based bilingual staff have 10+ years’ experience of administration and marketing in corporate and non-profit sectors. With a passion for planning, organising and problem-solving, our team can meet your business admin needs, free up your time and give you some headspace for the bigger picture.

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