Executive Business English Coaching

Do you want to feel empowered when you communicate in your business environment?

As a busy executive, you’ll know the challenges in staying on top of your game, juggling business strategy, meetings, conferences, project and staff management, marketing and more. If you work in a multinational or international industry where English is a commonly used language, you’ll know the limitations on performance if English isn’t your first or fluent language.

It can be frustrating to have the experience, skills, knowledge and ideas yet feel held back by the inability to communicate in English at a business level.

You may need to speak English with CEOs, managers, co-workers, clients, customers, suppliers and the media. You’ll need to communicate clearly and politely, whether in person, on the phone or in writing. Listening skills are also important, not only in a customer service role but in managing a collaborative, cooperative team.

Soft skills, or people skills, are as important in the workplace as hard skills. When you’re conversing in a language that you’re not confident with, your soft skills will be compromised, not just your ability to communicate but your attitude and confidence too.

Business English coaching for executives is the solution.

Leman Language Services can help professionals like you improve your business English competency so you can be more effective in your workplace. Ideal for busy executives, our coaching is flexible and tailored to your language needs and time restrictions.

So, what is executive business English coaching and how does it work?

Assessing your English language skills

First, we will meet with you to assess your English skills and discuss your workplace English requirements and goals.

Creating a tailored plan for English coaching when and where you want it

Then, we’ll create a coaching plan for one-to-one or group sessions that take place either at your workplace or our co-working space at a time that suits you. We tailor our coaching to the way you learn best and within your time constraints.

Our aim is to help you achieve the best results in the shortest realistic time frame.

Teaching language for your business and cultural context

During our coaching sessions, you’ll learn functional language relevant to your business context. Using our industry sector experience, we’ll make sure you know specific language and terminology so your English communication skills match your business competency.

We also help you understand cultural variations in communication, so you can use appropriate language and expressions.

Making your delivery as important as the message

How you deliver your message is just as important as the message itself. You’ll have the opportunity to practise conversations with role play in a non-pressured setting so you can quickly build your confidence and your English competence.

Our specialist business English coaches at Leman Language Services can give you the skills and confidence to carry out the following executive tasks with ease:

✔ Deliver effective presentations that engage and persuade your audience

✔ Conduct intercultural communication with competency and sensitivity

✔ Write clear, concise emails that get the desired results

✔ Negotiate using persuasive language and techniques

✔ Lead successful meetings

✔ Prepare for a job interview

Our executive business English classes are taught by certified business language coaches who have over 10 years of experience coaching high-level executives in multinational companies across a range of sectors.

Whatever your business English needs, you’re in good hands at Leman Language Services. We put you first with our flexible customer-focused service, working with you from initial discussion to project completion to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our dedication to your success is an investment in ours.

Executive business English coaching


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Leman Language Services is committed to supporting you. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation and quote or to find out more about our first-rate executive business English coaching.


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