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Executive Business English Coaching

Elevate your English communications
Make a greater impact in your business relationships

What you will achieve with LLS

Master the subtleties of English nuance for confident communication

Learn the functional language relevant to your business context

Implement strategies for powerful presentations, winning negotiations and engaging small-talk

Is it difficult to make your desired impact in English?

It’s frustrating to communicate with less impact in English than you do in your native language. Whether it’s the nuance of small talk or the complexity of industry jargon, missing a key word or expression is enough to make anyone feel awkward when it comes to business dealing, speeches or casual chat. You need to feel confident to build an authentic connection with your clients and colleagues as you grow lasting business relationships.


How we help

We understand the struggles of building business relationships in English. Our Executive Coaches have a detailed insight into cultural differences and expressions and guide you to apply that knowledge appropriately in a corporate setting to prevent awkward miscommunications. We empower you to set and reach goals whether they involve grasping industry-specific terminology or appreciating the quirks of the English language.

Working with you, our coaches quickly and easily

Pinpoint areas for refinement to make a greater impact, create an adaptable plan that works for you and empower you to deliver your messages with confidence

Help you with understanding your team’s communication styles and how to adapt your communication to work together for the best results

Guide you to adapt your speaking style to your audience, as well as enhance your speaking skills to compensate for limited vocabulary

An investment of just 200 CHF for an initial hour assessment, followed by 150 CHF for any additional hours.

Executive business English coaching


First hour

Second and subsequent hours

Hourly rate

CHF 200

CHF 150

Effective communication builds confidence

Soft skills or ‘people skills’ are just as important as the practical knowledge to help you perform your role effectively. LLS works with you to ensure you are able to carry out English-language communication globally, with confidence, competency and cultural sensitivity. In one-to-one sessions, you’ll quickly achieve your goals for communicating in English and develop skills you may or may not have in your other language(s). Now you can enjoy engaging your audience with greater impact in English.

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