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happy successfull students

Success Stories

Time to boast about our learners’ amazing achievements Together, we bring out the best in each other!

Want to see your story here one day?

Join the long list of amazing students who we’ve had the joy of teaching French, German and English with our fun and flexible language courses. Pass the FIDE, DELF, Goethe or Cambridge English exams and wave your certificate with pride!

Good things come in pairs

Our huge congratulations to expat couple Dinesh and Swagatika, who joined forces to learn French together. Dinesh had tried to learn French previously but had found it difficult to fit classes around his work. In 2020, he joined our flexible LLS Babbel French programme along with Swagatika. Their aim was to reach A1 level and pass the FIDE certificate, but with each other’s support (and a little healthy competition), they sailed on to A2 level! Swagatika is delighted they can now help their son with his school homework in French too!

“The combination of the Babbel app and online tuition helped me to prepare for the FIDE exam within weeks.”

– Swagatika Suna

Successful FIDE students

“Vincent’s patience and skills are seldom found in a teacher. Highly recommend LLS whether you want to learn the language as a hobby or as a requirement of Swiss integration.”

– Dinesh Suna


B1 FIDE and confidence to match

Congratulations to John* on passing the FIDE test required to apply for a C-permit. John not only passed, but was awarded B1 level in French language, higher than the required level for the C-permit! He felt very well prepared for the FIDE, having taken our LLS mock exam which give him the chance to focus on areas that needed more work. John was delighted with his result and now has much more confidence in his French language skills. 

"Huge thanks to Lara and Vincent for their unstinting help and support in teaching me French and preparing me for my FIDE Exam. Thanks again!"

– John

* Name has been changed at the student's request

Friends learn French

A massive ‘well done’ to Kativa on passing the FIDE test, required to apply for a C-permit. A friend of hers kindly recommended LLS, and our French teacher Vincent provided online lessons via Zoom to develop Kativa’s speaking skills, adapting to match her progress and needs. Kativa appreciated Vincent’s availability via email and his encouragement to complete the homework, which proved essential in preparing Kativa for the FIDE. 

"Vincent was really patient. I felt happy and well prepared for my FIDE exam after six private lessons. Big thanks to Vincent and to Lara who is very experienced and helped advise me."

– Kativa

Successful FIDE student

Live the Swiss life


Moving to a new country is challenging, especially if you don’t speak the language. To make the most of her expat experience in Switzerland, Joy Eva Bohol decided to learn French to immerse herself in Swiss culture and pass the FIDE for permit renewal.


Joy Eva joined our LLS Babbel online language programme, which gave her the freedom to go at her own pace while also having an LLS trainer to help with French speaking via Zoom. Having passed the FIDE, Joy Eva is more confident, finding that local people are happy that she communicates in the French language. Joy Eva is not only hiking up Swiss mountains, but she’s reaching new heights in French too! 

“If you have questions, you can ask the coach. Sometimes, I don’t understand why the structure is like this and like that. But the coach is there to assist, to help you understand these differences.”

– Joy Eva Bohol

Cambridge English exam opens doors

We’re buzzing for our Cambridge English Preliminary Certificate graduates, Luciana and Martha. At LLS, we’re passionate about creating opportunities for young people and empowering them through better language skills. We get so excited when we see young students ready to take on new challenges!


Learn German for the Goethe

Outstanding work from David, who passed the Goethe Zertifikat at B2 level after completing a four-month programme with LLS, which included regular Zoom sessions to practise his German pronunciation and fluency.

Learn French for work

Congratulations to Liam for learning French and passing his FIDE A2 level oral and written test. We wish him every success in his new employment as a groom where his French speaking skills will help him communicate more easily and confidently with colleagues and clients (and maybe even the horses!). We’re always delighted to see our graduates achieve their language goals and enjoy the opportunities that French language learning can bring!


Want to be our next success story?

Whether you’re working towards a permit qualification, learning for fun or creating new opportunities in your professional life, our qualified language trainers have the expertise and experience to get you there. 

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