LLS Babbel Language Programme

Learn English, French or German at home or on the move in a supportive virtual class

Are you ready to learn a language for business or career reasons?

✔ Do you want to improve your business English skills to be more effective at work?
✔ Do you want to advance your English, French or German skills for career promotion?
✔ Do you want to boost your team’s language skills for effective team and client communication?
✔ Do you live in French- or German-speaking areas of Switzerland and want to improve your French or German for work or to feel more at home in your community?
✔ Do you need to pass the Swiss FIDE examination in French or German for permit renewal?


Are you ready to learn a language for education or travel reasons?

✔ Are you planning tertiary study abroad and know that language skills or Cambridge English examinations can help your application?
✔ Are you taking a study programme in French or German and want to give yourself the best chance of success?
✔ Does your teenager need extra support with learning English, French or German to complement their education in school?
✔ Do you want to learn a language to have the travel experience of a lifetime?
✔ Do you simply love a challenge and the great feeling that learning a language gives you?

Blended language learning designed for your needs

Whatever your reasons for improving your language skills, a course that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and the way you learn best will help you succeed. You might be looking for online language courses for social distancing reasons or because in-person classes are difficult when you travel for work or have variable work or home schedules.

Online language training can be an ideal solution when you need flexibility. But a major setback with some online courses is that you are not part of a student community. Learning is so much easier when you have a peer group and trainers to keep you motivated. We can help. Leman Language Services has developed a flexible and supported learning programme with you in mind.

Our blended language learning programme gives you the best of both worlds. Using our partnership with Babbel for Business, the market leader in online language training, we provide versatile digital training so you can learn wherever you are, whenever you want and still be part of a vibrant student community!


How can the LLS Babbel blended language learning help you?

The LLS Babbel blended language learning programme helps you learn English, French or German, whether for work or pleasure. Just like our regular courses, this training is ideal for professionals who want to upskill for work, expats who need to meet Swiss French or Swiss German FIDE permit requirements, or expats who need French or German for everyday situations. And if you want to try other languages that interest you, there are many more to choose from on the Babbel platform.


Benefits of our blended language learning programme

✔ Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions via Zoom (English/French/German) with an experienced LLS trainer who focuses on your needs

✔ Weekly one-hour online language café via Zoom where you can practise in a friendly space with other students, so you’re not learning alone

✔ Access to the Babbel platform with 14 languages including the LLS Babbel programme core languages (English/French/German)

What makes our online language training different?

As a small team of trainers, we care about each student. We adapt quickly to your individual needs and understand the value of building a close relationship with our learners.

Through regular communication, we motivate and encourage you to achieve your language goals. Whether you are learning for pleasure, to work or travel abroad, or to advance your career in Switzerland, we take the same dedicated approach to make sure you get the most from your learning experience.

Through shared activities and conversations in the Zoom language cafe, our students support and encourage each other to gain confidence in speaking. Learning this way is fun too! In our experience, students are more motivated when they learn in a group. If you hit a rough patch, you have friends in the language café to pick you up and inspire you. And in the weekly coaching sessions, our trainers will help you overcome any difficulties.

Learn English, French or German at home or on the move while being part of a community!

This is what Leman Language Services students say about our blended language learning programme:


“Learning and practicing French in my own time anywhere and with a flexible coach works well for me. I travel most of the time for work, making it hard for me to be in an in-person classroom setting.”
- Joy-Eva Bohol

“The Babbel platform is dynamic, fun and tailored to your needs. My LLS coach directed me by addressing my English weaknesses with competence, care and inspiration.”

- Silva Dodero

Read our blog post to find out more about how the LLS Babbel Language Programme helps students: Blended language learning gets the thumbs up from students.

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Whatever your language level or goals, Leman Language Services will help you: 

✔ Build confidence through active participation in a supportive learning environment

✔ Improve your pronunciation and reduce your native language accent  

✔ Work towards official exams or personal or professional goals

✔ Meet other students and practise speaking in our popular Zoom language cafes


You're in good hands


We put you first with our personalised and flexible customer-focused service, working with you from initial discussion to project completion to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our dedication to your business is an investment in ours.

Leman Language Services is committed to supporting you. Get in touch today to find out more about the LLS Babbel Language Programme. You could soon be speaking a new language!

LLS Babbel Language Programme rates


CHF 130

per year

Four 30-minute
coaching session and
language cafes

CHF 190

per month

Extra 30-minute
coaching sessions

CHF 47.50

per session

Working with Leman Language Services has been a great pleasure and a very inspiring experience. They have created a blended offer that effectively brings our Babbel courses and their own 1:1 lessons and language cafés together, leveraging both parties’ educational expertise to help their students make the most out of their learning process. I’m truly excited to see our cooperation unfold further in the future.

Juan Guzmán Martínez

Key Account Manager - Babbel B2B