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Leman Language Services

We nurture the communication that connects you across languages and cultures

Empowering you and your business to confidently express your message in English, French, German or Italian.
Experience flexible learning, 1-to-1 training, business English for executives, copywriting, translation and brand voice consultancy from our Swiss multilingual communications agency.

Leman Language Services (LLS) helps you to:

Boost your language confidence with targeted training and coaching

Get your business tone-of-voice on track and engage your audience

Grow your international opportunities with improved language skills

The people we help

Corporate conversationalists and business brains

You want to open doors and explore new horizons, whether it’s for business reach,  your career, or your team.


If your business communications aren’t appealing to your audience, you need someone to write clear, persuasive copy that converts clicks to customers. If you’re looking to attract a wider European audience, you know that speaking to them in their native language, in a style that resonates, is the best way to get results.

When your language skills need improvement or your executives need support with talking the industry talk, it can be a challenge to fit training around a busy schedule. You’re looking for flexible options for speedy success, such as online learning, 1-to-1 teaching, or  Executive business English coaching.


Ex-pat adventurers and seasoned travellers

You’ve made a home away from home here in Switzerland or you’ve made plans to explore the world, but the thought of tripping over your words isn’t filling you with joy.


As an ex-pat, you’d like some help with the language to help you integrate into your new community and excel at work, but it’s a struggle to fit it into your day. Flexible options designed to prepare you for French / English language qualifications or just to improve would be ideal, but you’re not sure where to find professional support.


This is why we aim to inspire you to achieve your goals and enjoy the buzz from making meaningful connections.

How can we help you?


Increase your engagement with persuasive copy

Lead the way with a clear and consistent tone of voice

Connect with ease in English, French, German and Italian


Ensure your corporate documents convey vital information precisely

Secure a reputation with stakeholders built on clarity, trust and diversity

Know that terms and conditions are correct in multiple languages


Present yourself with a consistent brand voice and articulate messaging

Establish your business as a knowledgeable voice in your industry sector

Bring value with emotive copy that connects and delivers results


Learn fluent English with a dedicated language guide

Get personal attention with tailored 1-to-1 coaching

Enjoy group practice in small friendly sessions


Ensure your copy is easy to understand, accessible and jargon-free

Eliminate embarrassing errors from quick writing or poor translations

Enhance your reputation with clear and consistent copy


Improve your conversational and written French with a dedicated trainer

Work through your personal goals with 1-to-1 coaching

Boost confidence with small friendly group practice sessions

How we help your business

As a global-facing team or executive, you can polish your multi-cultural communications to build solid business relationships. Give yourself a confidence boost or refine your familiarity with industry terms and the nuance of English dialogue to improve your impact and make a lasting impression.


Marketing-focused managers will see increasing engagement with clients who are attracted by our persuasive copy. We capture the subtleties of your brand voice, and help you grow your international opportunities by effectively translating your messaging into your target language.


How we help you

Improve your French skills as an ex-pat to pass the FIDE or DELF and settle faster into the local community. Make everyday tasks easier or improve your career prospects. Enhance your English skills to open international doors with our flexible learning options, such as our business English learning programmes.

Why work with us

World Council of Churches, Geneva

"Lara and her team have been effective, customer-oriented and flexible throughout the project, from needs analysis through to implementation. Lara’s precise monitoring of the project and problem-solving approach has been instrumental in reaching our objectives."

special offers
Free taster!

60-minute lesson with no obligation.

One free taster per client.

Leman Language Services
Free taster!

200 words translated.
One free taster per client.

Message in a muddle?

Let’s be honest - you’re here because something about your multilingual communication is amiss, and you’re looking for help to find the missing pieces, recharge your confidence and secure the new opportunities you’ve been waiting for.


The LLS team of language specialists have lived around the globe in a variety of cultures and dialects. We have the expertise to determine how best to support you to hit your targets at a pace that works for you. Our dedicated trainers and coaches will ensure your communications confidence flourishes to open up exciting avenues in today’s blended global landscape, whether you’re an individual learner, a corporate climber or a business in need of an international authentic voice.


Our clients

Thank you to our clients for your trust in our dedicated team to provide professional services for your business.

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