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English skills make family holiday in Florida stress free

A Swiss family enjoyed a road trip of a lifetime armed with travel English vocabulary to give them a smooth ride!

A road trip can be such an adventure, moving from place to place and taking in the changing scenery and popular tourist attractions. The Devaux family certainly packed a lot into their two-week holiday in Florida. Their route included Kissimmee near Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables in Miami and the Everglades National Park, right down to the Florida Keys, a string of tropical islands off the southern tip of Florida. Bustling cities to palm-fringed beaches, pleasure parks to national parks. What a trip!

Most southern point of the USA, in Key West

First time abroad with four children

This was the first time Clarice and Nicolas had been abroad with their four children, Lola 20, Megane 18, Elias 14 and Timeo 11. Staying in Airbnb houses and apartment complexes and spending many hours on the road, the trip demanded plenty of youthful energy. “The really good thing about going on holiday with children,” said Clarice, “is that they’re curious and inspire you to do things you might not have done.”

While other mums might have felt anxious about attempting a family road trip in the US when English isn’t your first language, Clarice breezed through it. Before travelling, she had enrolled on an English for Travel class. Although she could speak English, Clarice wanted to speak more fluently and feel at ease: “I didn’t want to have to think about every word.”


The right words make all the difference

She knew she wouldn’t need the skills for big discussions but nonetheless, Clarice wanted to be able to get the information she needed and to deal with typical situations. She also wanted to interact with people in a culturally appropriate way and not appear too direct. Using the right words can make all the difference.

Clarice found the English for Travel class helped a lot, giving her vocabulary and the self-confidence to handle holiday situations such as accidents, illness, car and plane travel. Initially, Clarice felt anxious at Miami airport due to the security – and if you’ve been to the US, you’ll know how intimidating this can be even if you speak fluent English. But helping her family through the security checks without issues gave Clarice a confidence boost. What’s more, the security staff were friendly and helpful!

Downtown Miami

Top tips for a smooth ride on your road trip

When asked for her top tips on taking your family on a road trip in the US, Clarice recommends taking an English for Travel course and taking books or tablets to keep your children happy during those long car journeys. Mixing up lazy days by the pool with days out sightseeing worked well too!

If you’re planning a family holiday and want to improve your English, you can find out more about our English for Travel class on our English courses page. If you would prefer private lessons, get in touch today to tell us what you need help with.

West Palm Beach

Photos by Carole G.



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