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Virtual Assistance

Save time, get support
When and where you need it

What you will achieve with LLS

Free up your time by offloading routine tasks

Focus more energy on growing your business

Get on-demand support when you need it

Overwhelmed by admin?

Are your business plans being put on hold due to lack of time, or is your schedule becoming overwhelmed with the sheer volume of emails and administrative tasks? Running a business day-to-day often means that the routine jobs take over, leaving no time for personal or professional development. This can leave your business stuck in a cycle where you can’t grow because you need more support, but you can’t afford to take on help because you can’t grow.


How we help

We understand the frustration of juggling many tasks and wearing multiple hats. Our team of skilled virtual assistants are delighted to jump into your busy schedule and start catching those tasks before they hit the ground! We take the pressure off you, whether you need a friendly face to deal with client and supplier communication, human resources and recruitment, or a cool head to manage data entry, document printing, transcription, travel arrangements, and more.

Our organised virtual assistants will

Save your time - by providing the support you need

Save your money - by increasing efficiency in your tasks

Save your sanity - with a tailored action plan and schedule

An investment of just 90 CHF for an initial hour assessment, followed by 80 CHF for any additional hours.

Sanity-saving support, dedicated to you

Our virtual assistant service can be carried out in English and French, completely tailored to suit your needs. Flexibility is our forté! Taking the time to understand your business and processes, we will confidently help nurture your business with the right knowledge, skillset and tone of voice, giving you more time, money and freedom to drive your business forward.